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Who the hell am I? I'm a tired, old, washed out ex-boozehound that used to write Treksmut. I'm queer, but I like cooze. This is now where my smut is housed. No, I'm not writing any more. That's all.

I've got the stories split up by pairing. You will find bad language and slash (aka- gay sex stories) so if you don't like either or are under 18, then don't read 'em. Click here to read something more appropriate.

Us old Treksmutters never die, Scotty or Geordie or O'Brien just reverses our couplings or installs a new core modulator or adds some self-sealing stembolts.  If all else fails, the emergency holodoc adds us to his matrix and makes a holosuite program out of us.  ;^)

Like old Doc McCoy once said, we're never really gone, so long as we're remembered. So everytime you pop back a wine cooler and some nacho's, think of your old pal Cam, pop in some porn and crank one out in my honour.

Slash stories with Odo as a humanoid

eat your heart out
"Eat your heart out..."

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands - O'Brien shows Odo the joys of jerking off.

Hard Time Coming - After "Things Past" Odo and Garak give banging a try.

Come Again, Commander? - Now that they're banging, Garak tries to get Odo to loosen up and enjoy a nooner.

Nothing Without You - While Odo tries on a suit, Garak tries out a little bondage on his partner.

Slash stories with Odo as a shapeshifter

"I just love it when he gets dom on me."

Yada, Yada, Yada - Bashir finds out a threesome isn't all it's cracked up to be when he gets a chance to join Kira and Odo in bed.

Transported - Garak and Bashir decide to show Odo a good time after Arissa dumps him.

Blended Not Stirred - Bashir gives Odo a gift and Odo takes it for a come-on ... and he does.

Darkfall, Safehaven - Garak is tanked and Odo is tranked and a good boffing straigtens them both out.

Master Stroke - Weyoun asks Odo to let him stay on the station, and Odo finds out the fringe benefits of having a slave.

Master, Stroke Me Again - Weyoun teaches Odo how to let go and be a good dom.

Other Odo stories

Go on... kiss him!
"Kiss him!"

The Terms of Our Agreement - How the Intendant met and made her Supervisor.

Dark Domain - The Intendant and the Supervisor both enjoy their little bdsm games.

Sleepless Night - Odo visits Kira's quarters in the company of the Deltan ambassadors and finds out what all those pheromones can do.

Deep Space Spam - The war is over and now the station is full of spam, Garak and Bashir are planning their wedding, the Founders changed Odo to a horny human, and Kira won't put out.

More Garak slash

Man Enough For Me - Garak and Bashir crashland and find a good way to pass the time as they wait for rescue.

Come Again, Cardassian? - Paris rips his pants so he goes to Garak's to get 'em fixed and gives Garak a nice big 'tip' in exchange.

Jefferies Tube Lube - Garak finds out how much Dukat likes hot, tight places.

Other slash

I always knew Data was into bondage...

Debriefing - Bashir gives the chief a good rub down, but the chief wants more.

Don't Let the Bastards Get Q Down! - Q decides to show Jean-Luc and Bev a good time in their dreams.

Q-mulous - Q enjoys himself so much with Picard he wants to share his good feelings with everyone.

Security Drill - Tuvok decides to hold a special security drill with Harry.

Jello Hell - Odo comes to get revenge for all my stories.

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Test of Gayness
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Comics archive
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The Backlot
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Human Rights Campaign
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Amnesty International
Working to protect human rights.

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It doesn't matter what party you belong to, get informed & go fucking vote.

Hoot Island
come on. Type dirty to me.



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